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Llexi: a group of various web sites

llexi.com’s network of multiple sites involve games, puzzles, newsletters, electronic magazines, trivia tests and others.

Our current flagship site is LettersIntoWords.com, which offers word unscrambler tools for word game enthusiasts. It helps users play Words with Friends, win at Scrabble, solve crosswords, and win more word building games. We started out on the web as the company behind PuzzleDepot.com back in 1995, and have kept supporting word puzzle and game enthusiasts ever since!

Main Site: LettersIntoWords, Related: A2zWordFinder.com

What we do

Audiences Identification

We identify target audiences in focus areas and create content for them.

Websites Monetization

Monetization involves display banners, video ads and memberships.

Websites Creation

We create popular websites that entertain our audiences

Management Team

Scott Gilley

General partner, content creation & ad operations manager. 256-426-7694


Thank you so much for your incredibly wonderful word finder which I use a gazillion times a day! This is my dog, who keeps me company through the pandemic. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and health, happiness and freedom in 2021.

– Helen H.

Wow! Thanks so much.  I will use it every time I play scrabble…we all need a little help! LOL Have a great day! Thanks again, Pam.

– Pam S.

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